About Us

We believe Siberian Huskies are masterpieces of nature. Their outward and inward beauty is unmatched by any other breed in the world. Our passion and love flow unbroken in the presence of these angelic jewels. 

Our Siberian Huskies redefined the world for us. Besides showing us to love better and more often what we take for granted (especially snow!), they also unveiled a whole new and exciting set of sports: skijoring, bikejoring, canicross, and dog sledding. Besides being wonderful pet dogs, our Huskies are also assiduous working dogs.

We are committed to providing excellent family companions with outstanding health, temperaments and structure. Our puppies are looked after in their own dedicated room in our home. The room is 120" x 150" and is cleaned at least five times each day to ensure superior cleanliness. We socialize with the puppies on a regular and frequent basis throughout the day. The puppies also have access to a big fenced backyard where they can socialize with their parents. The yard gets cleaned once a day.

We are located in the wonderful Fox Cities. We've been living in the Fox Cities since 2000 and enjoy the area immensely.