Yuki and her puppies


Yuki is one miraculous mother. She gave birth to seven healthy puppies on December 28-29 of 2018. She began going into labor at about 8 PM on the 28th and gave birth to Budai right before midnight. After midnight, six more puppies came into our world. Yuki is truly a heroic lady, because she frequently breastfed her young for a month and a half!

All the babies have their dew-claws intact (they only have them on their front two paws). Dew-claws are actually essential for the well-being of Siberian Huskies. They use them when making sharp turns, when trying to get out of a hole or out of a body of water, and when they simply want to attend to an itch on their face.


All the puppies have absolutely gorgeous blue eyes. Most puppies have a star pattern etched on the iris (much like Yuki's). They have all been blessed with the adorable black facial masks around their eyes. Their ears are standing up. Most of their tails are sickle-shaped, while some have ring-shaped tails (like Raiden's).

Each puppy exhibits the standard temperaments of their breed. They are inquisitive, very active and playful, funny, extremely kind and friendly, and extremely intelligent and perceptive.